The Texarkana Homeless Coalition consists of a number of organizations and individuals working together to end homelessness in Texarkana and Bowie County.


In Texarkana, as in the rest of the United States, the homeless and near-homeless population includes people from all walks of life.


The purpose and objectives of this Coalition are: 


(1) to gather information in order to identify and fill the gaps in services and community needs; 


(2) to protect and improve the lives and safety of the homeless and near homeless;


(3) to actively engage homeless and other stakeholders in developing solutions to achieving self-sufficiency;


(4) to communicate with funding entities, other organizations and the public at large to promote the general welfare of the homeless and to increase self-sufficiency; and


(5) to ensure full development of  a continuum of care with the shelter, housing and programs necessary to meet the needs of all homeless people and efficiently and effectively move them to self-sufficient life.

Board of Directors


Vashil Fernandez, City of Texarkana


Alaina Marcum, Mission Texarkana


Jennifer Strayhorn, Texarkana Public Library Director


Brenda Hogan, The Salvation Army

Committee Chairs


Public Relations & Planning Committee Chair

Kita Cantu, Harbor House Inc.  

Homeless Count Committee Chair

Jade Fite, Mission Texarkana

Membership Committee Chair

Brenda Larsosa, VISTA

Texarkana Homeless Coalition

PO Box 974
Texarkana, TX 75504

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