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Coordinated Entry in Texarkana

Coordinated entry is a consistent, streamlined process for people experiencing homelessness to access resources. Through coordinated entry, the highest need, most vulnerable households in the community are prioritized for housing and services.

3 Steps to CE:

1. A homeless person or family (literally homeless and fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence) completes an assessment at the Doorways Home office.

2. If the person or family is eligible for a program and when an opening becomes available, they will be connected to an agency Case Manager to schedule an intake.


3. When the intake is complete and they are enrolled in a program, their Case Manager will work with them to find housing. There is no guarantee for housing

4 Core Elements of CE:

1. Access - one location for people in a housing crisis to receive help - the Doorways Home Campus

2. Assessment - determine the vulnerability, needs, and check program eligibility

3. Prioritization - the people with the greatest need and vulnerability receive support to resolve their housing crisis

4. Referral - all referrals are received through coordinated entry, people are referred to housing and services based on prioritization

Homelessness Prevention (rental assistance)

If you are presently facing eviction and are earning at or below Dept. of Housing and Urban Development 30% income limit and your unit with HUD utility estimation is under FMR (fair market rent) you may be eligible for HP services. HP assistance is not guaranteed. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 903-556-4545. We ask that all individuals call for information prior to making an appointment to be informed on what information is needed at that time.

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