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Helping the Ones Who Need It the Most


Doorways Home is Texarkana's Coordinated Entry system. The office is located at

902 W. 12th St., Texarkana, Texas.

The Doorways Home Project began in 2011 as a way to promote awareness regarding homelessness in Texarkana and raise funds to end it.


Our “Doorways Home” project is designed to assist those homeless overtaken by circumstances in putting their lives back together. We are hoping our work can have a significant impact and develop a pathway so that those needing a helping hand will be able to put their lives back together and find their own “doorway home”.

TXKHC has partnered with local artists, passionate citizens, and philanthropic business leaders to aid us in our quest to shine a spotlight on this crisis by taking doors and 1950's era medicine cabinets from the Housing Authority of Texarkana Texas’ Griff King Courts demolition and transforming them into works of art, which will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Homeless Coalition.


One of the main initiatives the coalition leads is the annual point-in-time (PIT) homeless population count. This data collection and analysis is important for estimating the number of homeless in our community and thus the need for services.


In addition, every year for grant purposes HUD requires all Homeless Coalitions to collect data on homelessness during the last week in January.


The Texarkana Homeless Coalition is assisted each year by the statewide Texas Homeless Network which annually assists communities with their Point-in-Time homeless survey preparation and data analysis.

PIT Counts


Recently, the coalition began a new fundraiser called the Bridge City Project with the challenge to community members and leaders to spend the night in a "homeless" cardboard box. The first event was very successful raising over $10,000!


All funds raised are used by the TXKHC to fund homeless and transitional support activities in our area. Come join us for these fun and festive events - We hope to see you there! 


The coalition promotes homeless issues through local newspaper articles, radio and speaking engagements. In June 2012, the coalition distributed 40 copies of the book "The Same Kind of Different as Me" to all local public libraries including local schools. The book tells the true story of an art dealer and a homeless man in Ft. Worth, Texas and how their lives intertwine after the untimely death of the art dealer’s wife. Listed on numerous best seller lists it is definitely worth a read…so go check it out!



In October 2012, the Texarkana Homeless Coalition began a bicycle share program to increase our homeless population mobility. The coalition purchased 6 bicycles originally with 4 for short-term use and 2 for long-term use. The program saw immediate success stories with two residents of Randy Sams' Outreach Shelter using the bicycles to secure transportation for employment.  Soon they were able to use their first paycheck to purchase bicycles of their own!

Resource Day



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